The 1970's GEC and Weltron 2007/2005 series of "spaceship" stereo systems, inspired by the classic sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), are proving to be rapidly appreciating in value, as seen by prices on eBay over the past two years.Over this time they effectively have doubled in price with good condition complete examples (with stand and external speakers as illustrated) bringing $900 to $1200 Australian.

About a year ago I purchased a fine GEC 2007 that unfortunately had its dust-cover lid broken into several pieces. I was unable to find any replacement lids available, so discussed the possibility of remanufacturing replacements with a local plastic fabricator. We came up with a way to reproduce a dust-cover lid that has the exact shape as the original and with the same weight so that it would stay in the open position when raised, provided the hinge springs are still in place. It is as close to the original as possible.

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Manufacturing process

It was unfortunate that the original lids were injection-moulded using acrylic plastic mixed with styrene. The styrene made the moulding process easier, but also resulted in the plastic deteriorating when exposed to natural (UV) light over time. The reproduction lids are free-blown using pure acrylic plastic that is UV stabalised, resulting in a far better product that will not deteriorate over the years.

A sheet of acrylic plastic is heated and blown to the same dimensions as the top section of the stereo. Each lid is then hand cut and fitted to an original 2007 top section.Note: this lid will also fit the Weltron 2005 8-track version.

I have found a slight difference in the hinge screw hole positions on 2007's so the repro. lids are not drilled. However they come with instructions on how to properly drill and fit the lid to your machine.

Pricing and availability

Lids are available for AU$165 plus postage. As lids are hand-made, there is a waiting list of approximately 2-3 months.

Also available is a copy of the 29-page factory service manual for the GEC 2007. This is AU$35. A must for anyone repairing a 2007 Stereo System.


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